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  • Does God exist?
    Thankfully yes! Would be so sad to think that this life on earth is all there is and there is no meaning. All science and nature points to the God of creation. The Sun an endless ball of energy sits at a perfect distance to earth with abundant water and soil to reproduce and sustain life. Every seed, every baby, every plant, every animal (including humans) are born from its own kind. They do not just appear randomly. DNA is written code and chemical processes are absolute. Everything points to creation and therefore a Creator.
  • Are most people sheep?
    Unfortunately Yes. The most resent Wuhan Virus reaction proved conclusively how easy it is to control and manipulate the average person with propaganda and fear. The sheep wore their worthless face coverings with such arrogant pride. A proud badge of Sheepdom.
  • Is Caress of Vacance a greedy money grubbing brand with aspirations of buying a new Porsche?
    No. Absolutely not. We wish we could give the stuff away but our products cost to design, manufacture, ship, etc. We also try hard to have MADE IN THE USA products, but because of a poor line of decision making (not made by us), it is cheaper to buy stuff from China. Made in the USA product, that is not made in China with slave labor, costs more to manufacture. We do what we can to keep prices down and be fair as possible. But it has to pay for itself and cover life's expenses as we are not a non profit. We are a small company with little room for a large over head and product loss. Unlike larger stores and shops that have more breathing room, move more product and so can sell things cheaper (larger orders = lower costs per unit).
  • Am I special?
    If you mean that the world revolves around you and you deserve something (anything) just because you exist? NO Absolutely NOT! If you mean how you were uniquely made and the only you that has ever and will ever exist? Then yes! But what really makes you special is how you treat others and contribute to your community.

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