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There is a very insidious and destructive movement in this county to divide and tribalize us. We will not tolerate it! We are individuals whom stand on our own merit and have our own thoughts and opinions. You don’t have to choose sides. Because you agree with a few things someone says, does not mean everything they say is right. And if anyone disagrees with you or thinks differently about something does not mean everything, they think is wrong or that they are a bad person.

Collectivism and Absolutism is the destruction of intelligence and Individual Sovereignty.

It closes minds and divides people.

These people try to say, because you have a given skin color, ancestral heritage, social or economic status. You have to think a specific way. If you do not conform to the collection of ideals that are established under their tribe or deviate from it. You are wrong, bad, a race trader, white supremacist, racist, xenophobic, bigot and whatever other label they can try to put on you to try to discredit you, ostracize you, and to force conformity.

Unlike the many buying into the victim olympics, words have no power over us. We are sovereign Citizens of the USA. We are united under one flag as a free people. No one shall enslave us in body or in mind! We are individuals. No one tells us how to think nor who or what we are!


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7 ply Hard Rock Maple



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