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In the book of Revelation, the first of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, is the white horse. He goes out "conquering and to conquer”. Causing "the beginning of sorrows" that results in the death of a quarter of earth's population.

Beware of the false prophet.

People like Napoleon, Mussolini, Stalin. Mao Zedong and Hitler all took advantage of the language of religion and its imagery, stirring up religious fervor, and got their followers to virtually worship them because they seemed to have all the answers. Of course, they didn’t and they brought great destruction on the world, including their own people. Millions died because of their violent regimes, their purges and their wars.

Power must stay in check. No one person or ideological group shall acquire too much power. Nor have that power for very long.

As it is said: Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In America the power belongs to the people. We are Citizens, meaning co-rulers. Not subjects.

We the people determine our future and the government answers to us.

In turn, keeping us safe from false prophets and power-hungry leaders whom think they know better than us and use their power to demand compliance and conformity.

In America we are a free people. God bless America.


Made in the USA

7 ply Hard Rock Maple


The White Horse of the Apocalypse

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