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4'x5" Made in the USA


Biden said the quiet part out loud. If you don’t vote Democrat “you ain’t black”. The Democrats fought to own slaves. The Republican party was founded on abolishing slavery, went to war and died to free enslaved citizens and build the future moving forward established in our Constitution. Well, even today Democrats STILL think they own black people. They enslave them to the Government through the welfare state. There is no better way then to keep a person or community down then by telling them they are a victim.  And if you dare not conform to the Democrat Party Line, they love to call you names like Uncle Tom, Race Traitor, the Black face of White Supremacy and on and on.

Democrats want to take our guns. They hate the idea of self-responsibility and individual sovereignty.  They want you subject to the government for protection and them with all the power. So, they villainize guns whenever they possibly can. There is no such thing as “Gun Violence”. Its Violence w/ a gun or a knife or a club etc.  A disarmed population is a much easier population to control. So, on their endless ignorant constant attacks on guns. The most brilliant President, with more votes than any president in history, said a 9mm ammunition round can blow a lung out the body. So violent! So scary! Not even close. The Democrats and the media LOVES to use fear to control the people.

You Aint Black Sticker

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